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Welcome to Sushi KAITEN Longmont!

Kaiten (Conveyor Belt) is a style of Japanese Restaurant where the plates of food are on a conveyor belt that moves past tables and counter seats. Customers may simply choose a prepared plate from the belt, or order from the wait staff. The final bill is based on the number and type of plates used.


No Japanese language skills are needed to order, and the risk of leftover food is minimized by the continuous supply of small portions. A light eater may choose just what is needed, and those with bigger appetites can help themselves to another serving. So,choose your fresh dish from the belt with confidence!


How to enjoy KAITEN style food …

1.Be seated and get ready to enjoy your meal.

Single chairs are available at the counter, or tables or booths are available for 2 or more, up to 12-person party. Your condiments and tools are usually near your seat.


2. Select your dishes.

• Items available on the belt are called a “BELT DISH”. Each plate color represents    a different price, ranging from $1 to $7 per plate. More expensive items may be placed on two plates, with its price being the sum of the individual plates.

• Items listed on menu are ordered to wait staff. These are served on plain plates called a “TABLE DISH.”


3. Enjoy your dish and stack your empty plates on your table.

• Help yourself to more, or place a new table dish order with a server.

Remember: Please do not return a plate to the belt after touching it or

picking it up. If you touch a plate, it is going to be yours as other customers would not like it. Thanks for your understanding.


4. Request your check.

• Your total is calculated by your server, who counts the number and types of plates.

Note: Last call for foods may be given 20 minutes before closing.

Thank you for visiting Sushi KAITEN Longmont!

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